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V12 Espresso Machine

v12 espresso machine

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! You thought they only said that at Nascar and Indy events, didn’t you? You can start saying that to all of your friends when you invest in the V12 Espresso Machine. Espresso Veloce has created another off-the-hook espresso machine creation.

This time Espresso Veloce has built a machine based on a V12 engine and it even comes complete with coffee cups. The filters for this amazing machine are shaped like oil filters. (You have probably drank so coffee that could have used an oil filter before.) The coffee rockets out of one of the exhaust manifold pipes right into your coffee mug ready for drinking. Of course, you should put away your old coffee mug and grab one of the piston coffee cups included the V12 Espresso Machine.

Appearance is not everything when Espresso Veloce makes a motorific espresso machine. They took magesium and titanium and other high-end materials to create an espresso machine that will shock and amaze everyone you know. At the time of this article, they have not release pricing, but as you can guess, they espresso machine may end up costing as much as entire car. If you love racing, cars, and a shockingly different coffee machine, the V12 Espresso Machine is a dream come true.

espresso machine v12 espresso machine v12