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Wine Bottle Glass

wine bottle glass

Do you feel a little greedy with that big bottle of top-quality wine you just purchased. Just tell all of your friends they can have their share once you fill your glass. When you pull out your Wine Bottle Glass, you can pour the entire bottle into your  glass and sip the night away.

The Wine Glass Bottle is a full 750 ml sized bottle with a wine glass melded to the top with a smooth sipping stem that allows all 750 ml of wine to slide down your throat. The bottle stands 11.5″ tall and is made from clear glass.

The logo on the side of the bottle lets everyone know you are a serious wine lover reading, “Finally, a Wine Glass that fits my needs!” Of course, no one is recommending you drink the full 750 ml of wine at one sitting unless you are sharing with a good friend. Think of all the conversation and laughter you can create at your next wine tasting party by pulling out your new glass.

The Wine Glass Bottle sells for $17.95 from the Home Wet Bar online. You may want to order a couple of spares since your wine drinking friends are sure to be jealous.

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