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According to Scientists This is the Most Relaxing Song Ever


Music is one of our favorite ways to relax, or to get ourselves fired up for action. In a recent scientific study, a variety of songs and sounds were tested to see how they affected the human body. The song Weightless, which was produced using theories from music therapy, was able to reduce heart rate, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even caused women to fall asleep while engaged in stressful mental exercise. The song is 8 minutes long with no repeating melodies to avoid expectation and the beat of the music slows gradually from 60 beats per minute to 50 beats per minute over the 8 minutes. The slowing beat appears to cause the heart to slow in concert with the music.

We highly recommend listening to Weightless, in a time when you can sit back and relax. Do not listen to this amazingly relaxing and de-stressing music while driving or as a mood setter for romance. Those are both times you want to stay alert and ready.

Via Unbelievable Facts