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25 Jobs So Ridiculous That They Just Have to Be Real

Sometimes things sound unbelievable, but as many of us have grown to learn, if it sounds to ridiculous to be true, it probably is. In this series of photographs from Nancy Rica Schiff, we get a look inside her books at some of the most

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Your 10 Most Frequent and Frightening Nightmares Explained

You wake from a peaceful sleep sweating, shaking, clutching your blankets as you glance around the room on terror. What did you just dream? What did that nightmare really mean? Can you go back to sleep? While we cannot answer the question of going back

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21 Shameful Ways We Destroy Children’s Growth and Independence

As parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts, we try to teach our children to be self-reliant, confident, strong, and to do the right thing. This list of 21 events showcases some of the most tragic mistakes done to children in the USA this year. Events that

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10 Ways to Know Your Girl is a Keeper

No, your girl being blonde is not on the list. Her being the hottest girl on the block did not even get an honorable mention. This list is a real down to earth guide for men to consider, kind of a touchy-feely thing. Let’s get

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World’s Highest Paid DJs

Electronic Dance Music DJ’s are the new rockstars. Wether you agree with that statement or not, these superstars earn a boatload of money. The great people down at Forbes have just put together a list of the highest paid DJs of the last year (June 1, 2012 through

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Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Explains Why He Hates Fat Chicks

Mike Jeffries the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch is passionate about making their brand all about “beautiful people”. He wants his stores packed with attractive women and athletic men to build a brand that is all about beauty, sexuality, and exclusivity. At least that is