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Your 10 Most Frequent and Frightening Nightmares Explained

nightmares explained

You wake from a peaceful sleep sweating, shaking, clutching your blankets as you glance around the room on terror. What did you just dream? What did that nightmare really mean? Can you go back to sleep? While we cannot answer the question of going back to sleep, we can help you learn more about the 10 most common nightmares that haunt our sleep and what researchers think they mean. Do you wake from a nightmare of falling? Are spiders crawling across your body, spinning webs, and sending chills down your spine? Do awake with a certainty that you almost died in your dreams? These are just a few of the scary dreams that haunt our lives. Take a moment to watch this short video that gives you a quick overview of the 10 most common nightmares and their meanings.

After you finish watching the video, you might want to grab some milk, a few chocolate chip cookies, and chill out before heading back to bed. You never know if that nightmare is waiting to attack one more time.

Image above: The Nightmare is a 1781 oil painting by Anglo-Swiss artist Henry Fuseli.

Via All Time 10’s on YouTube