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2015 Hardtop Mini Cooper


The Mini has always been a favorite for automotive buffs. The small size, its speed, and its impressive handling have made the car desirable for both young car owners and older adults seeking automotive fun. The new 2015 model that hits dealers in March 2014 is taking the experience to a new level. The new Hardtop Mini Cooper if faster, more fuel efficient, handles even better, and looks just a fabulous. The newest edition knocks 2.3 seconds off their old Mini Coopers 0-60 speed making it a tiny speed demon to watch out for. Want something space age and cool? The GPS in the new Mini Cooper not only talks to you, it talks to your transmission. It gives the car information on curves and inclines to select the right gear for the moment.

A 2.0 Liter 4 cylinder pumping out 189 HP may not sound impressive until you realize it is in the tiny lightweight body of a Mini. Are you ready for one of the most fun and exciting rides on the road? Get prepared to go small, Mini Cooper small.







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