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2015 Lexus RC F Performance Coupe is a Game Changer

2015 lexus rc-f

2014 is just over three weeks old and already manufacturers are announcing their 2015 automobiles. The latest announcement from Lexus has us standing at attention. Their new Lexus RC F Performance Coupe is being promoted because of its hot new 450 HP V-8 engine that blasts out over 383 foot-pounds of torque requiring Lexus to use a Torque Vectoring Differential to control all the power and performance. We think that, along with the incredible suspension may make the car one of the best driving rigs on the road, but that is still not what caught our attention. The sexy body is what hammered home the point this car is going to be special. This is not a family couple tweaked to be a performance machine. It is a true performance car that just happens to comfortably carry 4 people.

No price or shipping dates have been announced, but we are already waiting to get our hands on one.




Via GearCulture and Lexus