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AC Schnitzer BMW 4-Series Gran Coupé


AC Schnitzer never claims to make a great car. They never claim to be the genius behind the car. They leaves those accolades to BMW, Land Rover, and Mini. What they do is even more fun. They take cars and motorcycles from these companies and improve them. Their latest example is the ACS4 Gran Coupé, a retooled BMW 4-Series Gran Coupé. They lowered the car to improve handling. AC Schnitzer then updates the exhaust system and other minor performance tweaks to improve horsepower and give you more torque push you back in the seat. New spring kits and suspension components improve handling and control.

A front spoiler, a slicker grille, and carbon fiber mirror covers improve aerodynamic, along with adding a tougher appearance. While AC Schnitzer may not be the originator of the car, the ACS4 Gran Coupé gives the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupé a completely new feel.







Via FreshnessMag and AC Schnitzer