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Adastra Super Yacht by John Shuttleworth

adastra super yacht

1150 horsepower rumbles from the main Caterpillar motor. Dual 110 horsepower motors are hidden in the outriggers to provide improved turning power and handling capability. The Tri-hull design looks like a speed yacht from The Americas Cup, but his is not stripped down racing yacht. This is a full-blown luxury yacht that can rip across the ocean at 23 knots, or cruise over 4000 miles on its 30,000 gallon fuel reserve at 17 knots per hour. This is the yacht Bruce Wayne would want to own and would not need to change a thing to turn it into the Bat Yacht.

When John Shuttleworth set out to make a fast long distance yacht he may never have envisioned how he was about to change the yachting world forever. This yacht is futuristic, efficient, luxurious, and fast. Everything a super yacht should be.

Via SurplusMag and John Shuttleworth