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Aspid GT-21 Invictus

aspid gt-21 invictus

Have you ever wanted to feel like a super hero rolling down the road? The Aspid GT-21 Invictus conjures up images of the hottest Bat Mobiles, super hero cars, and visions of space age vehicles all at one time.  This amazing piece of rolling technology comes out of the doors of Aspid, a Spanish auto maker.

The GT-21 Invictus rolls on top of massive 19” tires on the front and 20” tires on the rear. The car is powered by a 450HP 4.3L V8 engine which generates an impressive 325 pounds of torque. The car jumps away from a dead stop up to 200KMH in 10.6 seconds (125MPH). When you need to make an instant stop you have the power of 400mm twin disc brakes on both the front and rear, with the front brakes having a dual caliper system.

The car is designed to be a two-seat sports car but actually has room for two kids in jump seats behind the driver and passenger, but don’t expect this to be your next family car. The GT-21 Invictus is designed to blow the doors off of other cars and have people staring as you drive by. The car has a top speed of 190MPH, so make sure those admirers don’t blink as you rocket past. If you really want to have some fun check out the Aspid website and explore all the high-tech features from the aluminum frame, composite materials, and integrated entertainment system. It will blow you away. At the moment there is no pricing information on the Aspid website.

Via Aspid