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bmw hp4

Do you prefer ripping down the road with power, agility, and control or blowing away the competition on a friendly motorcycle track? BMW HP4 motorcycles can help you achieve either goal but you better place your order fast. BMW plans to make a limited number of these high performance bikes taking them off the market sometime in 2014. You should not anticipate waiting to order until then because they will probably be sold out long before then. You will understand why as you look at these specs.

The BMW HP4 is equipped with a 4-cylinder motor which delivers 193 horsepower and 83 pounds of torque. That is more horsepower than many medium and small-sized cars. The engine is the lightest 4-cylinder BMW has ever produced in its size class.

BMW then added in their dynamic dampening control (DDC) system to allow the motorcycle to adapt to any type of surface. If you dial it to the Race and Slick setting you can fine tune the suspension even more precisely to guarantee you can match the motorcycle to the track. The HP4 is available in white with racing blue highlights, only. If you have dreamed of having one the best handling, most powerful, and fun motorcycles on the market you must dig deeper into this bike.

Via Gear Patrol and BMW