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BMW i8 Hybrid Sportscar Concept

bmw i8 hybrid concept

BMW is not going to let the Porsche 918 steal all the thunder in the hybrid sports car world. The BMW i8 Hybrid Concept shows that BMW is preparing to go to battle in this new hotly contested arena of lust. The i8 is designed not as a direct competitor to the screaming performance from Porsche, but as a sports luxury sedan the packs power and performance hard to match from conventional offerings. The i8 uses a 3 cylinder hybrid engine that packs 400 horsepower of performance with a sleek body design to match. This is a performance car aimed squarely at buyers who need to carry their family to school and then want to let it unwind down a twisting road on their way to work.

The BMW i8 Concept takes the hybrid sports car idea and brings it home to the family.