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Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Expedition Truck

devolro diablo tundra

Move over Humvee’s, Expeditions, and other huge SUV’s and make room for the best ride off the road. The Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Expedition Truck takes everything you love about the Toyota Tundra and turns it up a dozen notches. The wheels leap to an incredible 37″ high, which is paired with a 7″ lift to give you amazing road clearance and off road performance. The engine is swapped to a 5.7 L supercharged, 505 HP, V-8 to provide you with the power to go anywhere in the mountains, dunes, or down the highway.

The Devolro tosses on a WARN winch, LED light bars, a toughened fiberglass topper, and a 46 gallon fuel tank for those rugged survival journeys. Then Devolro turns their attention to the inside, but that magic is totally up to you. Do you want a stripped down interior ready for action, or an over the top luxury cruiser? They can make either happen, while improving form and function. Prices vary depending on the options you choose, but irregardless, you end up with a vehicle like no other off the road.

Via Uncrate and Devolro