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EXO Concept Carbon Fiber Jet Ski

exo carbon fiber jet ski

Batman may become jealous when he spots you out on the lake with this innovative new jet ski. EXO Concept has engineered a futuristic watercraft created out of carbon fiber materials which looks amazing and is kind the environment.

Your EXO Carbon Fiber JetSki is powered by an electric water-jet propulsion system. You will find 4 racks of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for extended power usage. You can add in two more racks for even longer time on the water before recharging is required.

You can zip across the water on your belly at speeds of over 30 miles per hour. It will take a little practice to master a jetski which requires you to lay down while riding and steering, but with the cool look, no need for gasoline, and no fumes you will get used to it rapidly. EXO includes a simple battery charger which works on either 110V or 220V for international use.

The EXO Concept is marketed to water sport centers, but you can get one for yourself by contacting the company. They do not list any pricing information on their website, but it reportedly sells for approximately $10,000.

Via EXO-Concept