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Ferrari 458 Speciale Redefined by Novitec Rosso

ferrari 458 speciale novitec rosso

You are just itching to drop a cool quarter million dollars on a Ferrari 458 Speciale, but you decide you want something a little more, a touch more exotic, a bit more rare. Enter Novitec Rosso.

The engineers and techs at Novitec Rosso redefine your Ferrari 458 Speciale by draping it in new carbon fiber components to give it a tougher look and helping it lose a few more pounds for improved performance. They pull the stock wheels and replace them with forged 21″ wheels for improved looks and performance. They tweak the interior to make is a little sweeter, a little plusher, and cooler.

Then they turn to those performance areas. They upgrade the exhaust system with one for ICONEL. They modify the suspension and toss on a rear wing diffuser to improve downforce and improve handling. With the 636 Ferrari beast under the hood, you now have a car that can break 200 MPH, handle better than a stock Speciale, and looks awesome.





Via HiConsumption and Novitec Rosso