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Ferrari FXX K Hybrid Produces A Whopping 1035 Horsepower


Hybrids are bought everyday for fuel efficiency and their lower impact on the environment, but now sports car aficionados are lining up to get their hands on the latest hybrid from Ferrari. The Ferrari FXX K comes out of the Ferrari XX program, meaning this car is both very exclusive and very expensive at around $3.1 million. The FXX K features two power systems, a V12 gasoline motor teamed up with an electric motor. The combination is able to produce 1035 horsepower, up from the 949 horsepower of the standard edition of the car. 860 HP is produced by the V12 engine, with the remaining 190 HP from the electric.

The FXX K has been racetrack tuned, because for now that is the only place you can drive it. The owner of these cars will be restricted to enjoying them on the Ferrari test tracks under the watchful eyes of Ferrari engineers. How soon this technology will make it to the street is unknown.





Via Ferrari