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Fluid Motor Union Project X

Fluid MotorUnion Project X

Next time you are driving past an auto junkyard and see a smashed up luxury SUV, remember this story. The team at Fluid Motor Union landed upon a BMW X5 that had seen better days. The front end was smashed. The vehicle was a disaster. At least that’s what most people thought. Fluid Motor Union took the wrecked BMW and started Project X.

The Fluid Motor Union Project X was not designed to build the most beautiful vehicle in the world. Their plan was to transform this luxury SUV into a tough and ready for action motor masterpiece. The dull gray finish helps define their real passion of unleashing the beast within. They lowered the vehicle for better handling and stability. They added an aluminum air intake snorkel, beefed up the performance, and rebuilt the body. When they have all of the interior and exterior toughness completed they threw on a set of Crusher off-road tires to complete the look.

The best part of this story is the fact you can follow it from beginning to end. Fluid Motor Union carefully documented the entire re-build. It is an amazing story of how a car headed for the death heaps can become a rampaging beast.

Fluid MotorUnion Project X front

Fluid MotorUnion Project X rear

Fluid MotorUnion Project X crushing

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