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Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane Custom

honda cbr 1000f hurricane

Ian McElroy must have been completely out of his mind when he hatched this plan. He looked at pictures and videos of the new KTM RC8 prototype motorcycle then looked over to his old 1987 Honda Hurricane CBR 1000F and envisioned them becoming one and the same. Ian obviously has serious problems with the word impossible because he has turned his Hurricane into an amazing masterpiece.

Transitioning his bike from its very pedestrian ordinary look into something extraordinary was not an overnight undertaking. Ian spent over two years tearing the bike apart, welding, milling, cutting, grinding, painting, and imagining his outcome until he was ready to ride his vision in reality.

His Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane is now turning heads at motorcycle shows, on the highways, and when cruising down quiet little roads. Of course, when Ian hits those quiet roads they begin to rumble and shake with the roar of his Hurricane. Ian’s custom exhaust system lets loose the animal hiding in Honda’s 1000cc motor and announces the Hurricane’s arrival.

You will not find this motorcycle showing up in any showrooms for sale but Ian has proven beyond doubt you can take an ordinary motorcycle and create a rolling work of art.

Via Custom Fighters