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Huffer & Audi A1

huffer audi a1

Audi has finally done it. They broke out of tradition and have finally done a collaboration. They have teamed up with Huffer to take Audi’s A1 Sports Plus edition and transform the interior into a remarkable Huffer inspired vision.

Huffer is renowned for their tough, stylish line of clothing and accessories. They took their tough New Zealand touch and added it to the Audi A1 to make an incredible car. The Huffer edition is available in only three color options. They have created an all black edition, a white with black top, and red with black roof. The Huffer collaboration vehicles are a very limited edition. They are making only 15 of these cars, so if you are interested you need to jump fast.

Huffer added special racing bucket seats, a racing inspired interior using sprint cloth and leather, suede leather steering wheel covers, and a racing shift lever. The car doesn’t just look great, it performs great, too. This small car is packed with a 180HP engine that lets it scoot from 0-60MPH in 6.9 seconds.

Audi slightly lowered the suspension for these special editions to improve handling plus added some 18″ wheels to let the car roll down the highway with ease. Audi made a great choice for their first collaboration by giving Huffer the nod.

Via Huffer and Audi