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Jeep Grand Cherokee Stealth

stealth grand cherokee

Imagine grinding up a steep gravelly road in the mountains in the dead of night. You flip off your headlights and your Jeep Cherokee Stealth disappears into the night. The latest edition of the Jeep Cherokee Altitude offers one of the stealthiest looks available on any production vehicle you will find and has been nicknamed the Stealth.

This Grand Cherokee can be ordered with a solid black body, black grill. black grill surrounds, black trim, and even black aluminum wheels. The black theme does not stop on the outside of the Jeep. The seats are a deep rich black, the dash, steering wheel, and trim are all black. The only non-black you will spot are dashes of color from the lights and a few accessories. This is the kind of vehicle that lets you slide around town unnoticed in the dead of night, but grabs stares of admiration during the daylight hours.

Just don’t forget to turn down the brightness on Jeep’s large color TFT instrument panel before you try to sneak up on the neighbors.

Via Jeep