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KiraVan – The Ultimate Wilderness Camper or Expedition Vehicle


We have seen some extreme touring campers and RV’s that are packed with luxury, but there is nothing that matches the KiraVan for a real expedition or wilderness journey. When you glance into the cab of the KiraVan’s tractor, you will believe you are looking into the cockpit of a commercial jetliner. The dash has eleven display screens, numerous buttons, dials, and switches to control all of the KiraVan’s intense features.

The KiraVan is powered by a 6-cylinder Mercedes Turbo Diesel engine that produces 260 HP and 700 ft-lb’s of torque. The trailer is packed with lush sleeping quarters, a large-screen LED TV, satellite HDTV, internet, and so many other features it will leave you stunned. The tractor has four-wheel drive, but when connected to the trailer leaps up to six-wheel drive with KiraVan’s special drive train. It may not be your weekend camper, but it is the vehicle you would love to have for an extreme wilderness journey.

Via Uncrate and KiraVan