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Lamborghini Hot Rod

lamborghini hot rod rat rod

If you appreciate the look of a hot rod with a modern twist, this Lamborghini Hot Rod is definitely a head-turner. With an aggressive stance, this concept Hot Rod was the brilliant creation of Pawel Wisniewski and his friend Jans Slapins. Inspired by a drag race between a Lamborghini vs Rat Rod, the two decided that combining the two would make for an excellent machine.

The two creatives geniuses brought their skills to the table and so they created this impressive Lamborghini Hot Rod. Wisniewski used his unbelievable sketching abilities, while Slapins mocked up a 3D concept. With hints of lambo and hot rod, this 4-seater is constructed from a lightweights carbon fiber material and features a roaring twin-turbo small block V8 engine that pumps out power through a sequential 6-speed transmission.