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This Maybach Exelero Is Fit For A Zombie Apocalypse


Daimler may have decided it was time to shut down their elite Maybach line of cars, but Khaled Alkayed decided to turn his into something truly monstrous. The Maybach luxury cars always looked and performed like a dream, but Khaled’s reimagined Maybach is ready to take on evil, zombies, and an apocalypse all in a single night. The car has been outfitted with killer tubed bumpers, gun turrets, and shielding all around. The rear wheels have been removed to make way for a track drive system to make sure the car can navigate the wildest scenes it may run into.

Our only concern with this monster Maybach is the low ground clearance it still sports. It might be great for racing away from a horde of zombies, but when it comes time to drive over stacked up debris Khaled may be in a little bit of trouble. Without a doubt, we can say the Khaled Alkayed has created the toughest Maybach on the planet.



Via HiConsumption and Behance