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Most Expensive Motorcycle in The World by TT Custom Choppers

tt custom choppers

Custom built choppers are expensive, sometimes ridiculously expensive, but the Medusa from TT Custom Choppers takes it to a new level. You might be staring at the motorcycle wondering why a motorcycle that looks so rough, unpolished, almost rusty, would be worth so much money. Look closer. That gold tinted metal is not gold tinted, it is real gold. Tarhan Telli used over $1.2 million dollars of gold to create this masterpiece easily making it the most expensive motorcycle in the world, and one of the heaviest at almost 700 pounds.

This custom chopper is one of the most amazing builds of all time, taking the idea of custom choppers to a real extreme. Of course, that is nothing new for Tarhan Telli and the team at TT Custom Choppers in Turkey. Their full line of custom choppers are extreme and exciting, and luckily for us, not all of them are worth their weight in gold.








Via Luxury Insider and TT Custom Choppers