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Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV by Dartz

Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV

Chevy Strong Trucks, Trucks Built Ford Tough, and Hummers are about to cower in fear at the stop lights when they pull up beside the new Pombron Black Shark from Dartz. The Pombron Black Shark starts with a Mercedes GL 65 AMG at its core, but then it quickly becomes the most incredible SUV on the road. It starts with the engine becoming 1500 HP behemoth which makes sure you can race away even though you are encased in a bulletproof body armor made from Kevlar and Titanium. Not only is the body bulletproof, it is non-magnetic, so it is impossible for a magnetic mine to stick. Add in crowd blinding lights, sirens, and an electric shock system to kick off paparazzi and kidnappers and the vehicle becomes one of the safest on the road.

Safety is not the only thing the Pombron Black Shark brings to the road. It is packed with a leather interior, a champagne cabinet, cigar humidor, and other features fit for a sultan. Speaking of sultans, you might need to hit one up for a loan to buy the Black Shark. Dartz will only say there are 6 zeroes on the price tag.




Via HiConsumption and Dartz