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R135 Wraith Combat from Confederate Motorcycles

R135 wraith combat by confederate motorcycles

When a R135 Wraith Combat hits the road in your area you are going to know it. The Wraith Combat is tough, futuristic, and just a little bit scary. It is hard to say whether this motorcycle looks like it stepped out of the Matrix, or if it is something Harry Potter magically produced, or maybe it was Voldemort that conjured this black monster with black magic.

Confederate Motorcycles does not produce commonplace motorcycles. Every one of their creations are sensational, dramatic, and limited. The R135 Wraith Combat is limited to 7 units. No mass production is happening with this design. It is handcrafted and created with exacting detail, and it better be. The R135 is priced at a measly $135,000 for starters.

The Wraith is the kind of motorcycle that Batman dreams of having. It is built tough and combat ready. The large tubular gas tank, the exposed wheels and over-sized springs make the motorcycle look ready to hit the big screen or the next big motorcycle rally. You can be sure that no one at a Harley convention, an Indian gathering, or other classic motorcycle venue would complain when you rolled up. They will gather around and stare in admiration at the Wraith because it oozes that same raw masculine feel from every inch.

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