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Strida Foldable Bike

strida foldable bike

The Strida Foldable Bike continues to provide office workers and studio apartment dwellers with a way ride a bike and tuck it away in the corner. Strida hit the market in 1987 causing ripples of interest and from that moment forward their reputation for quality and performance has grown. Last year Strida released the 3-speed version of their bike. This year the hottest news is the triangle design that compresses down into tiny package easy to carry on subways, buses, and in elevators. If buying a bike has always fallen to the side because of storage concerns, Strida eliminates every worry.

The bikes are strong, easy to ride, and can be folded or unfolded in around 10 seconds. Strida bikes are available through bike retailers and Amazon.





Via Bless This Stuff and Strida