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Trefecta DRT e-Bike

Trefecta DRT Bike

By combining the best of a bicycle and a motorcycle, we bring you the Trefecta DRT e-Bike. An awesome method of transportation that is efficient and won’t have you breaking a sweat. This mean looking machine is made of a 20 inch 7075 aluminium frame that securely houses all of its electronics. Featuring an innovative and efficient pedelec system, allows for pedalling at low speeds, while electric power kicks in when more power is needed or required. The throttle, suspension settings, gear selection and trip functions are all operated by using the fly by wire controls right on the handlebar, as you would on a traditional motorcycle. An illuminated display on the center console displays all relevant information when riding. A powerful lithium-ion battery keeps the DRT in motion for over 60 miles and provides enough power to hit a top speed of 43 miles per hour. If you think that wasn’t impressive enough, the bike even folds for easy storage! At a hefty sounding price tag of $25,000 you are sure to get a great bang for your buck.

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