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Vilner Land Rover Defender

vilner land rover defender

Some Land Rovers are built for luxury. Other Land Rovers, like the Defender, are designed for work and performance. Then there are those Land Rover Defenders which have been given the Vilner treatment. They go from the stripped to the essentials Defender style to unbelievable luxury. Vilner is famous for recreating vehicles into something extraordinary. It is not just cars they work on either. They have done airplanes, boats, and almost any other rig  you can think of. With this project they went all out.

The Vilner Land Rover Defender‘s interior is revamped and upgraded with leather seats in a gorgeous two tone black and caramel color. The headliner is redone in a matching caramel color, while the carpet and sides stick with the solid black. Vilner then threw in an amazing sound and video set to round out the new interior.  If you have always thought the Land Rover Defender was a bit stark and plain, then you need to check out what Vilner has done.