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Volvo Concept Coupe

volvo concept coupe

Volvo has embarked on a mission to reinvigorate their design and if this new Volvo Concept Coupe is any indication, they are on the right path. The Volvo Concept Coupe is the first concept car to come out of Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture plans. The car is sleek, innovative, and quick. Elements of the car are expected to appear in the 2014 XC90 with future elements appearing in the product lineup in coming years. Two other concept cars are being completed by the SPA team.

Volvo moved into the SPA theory of building concepts so ideas could translate into new models rapidly. These are not concept cars that are dreams or science fiction, but real cars that could be built in Volvo factories rapidly. The assertive grill, the low lines, and 21″ 5-spoke wheels make it clear Volvo is upgrading their look and performance to compete in the hot luxury performance arena at a higher level.

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