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Volvo Concept Estate, Meet The Volvo of All Volvos


Volvo’s Concept series started with the Concept Coupe and the Concept XC Coupe, both fascinating vehicles. The Volvo Concept Estate is equally intriguing but also wildly different. A first glance makes you wonder if you are signing up to drive a station wagon, until you start looking at the sporty lines and the fact there are only two side doors. The long cab of the car is based on Scandinavian needs, the audience the car was built to please. The hatchback wagon style gives plenty of room for a set of long snow skis, or dozens of bags of groceries. Don’t let that wagon look fool you. The car is aerodynamically slick. The long low body cuts through the air. The interior is where the real magic begins. A beautiful cockpit experience awaits the driver with comfortable seats and a touch screen entertainment system.

While the car may at first make you think station wagon, once your eyes run over the sleek lines, your foot slams the gas pedal to the floor, and you listen to the unbelievable sound system, you will know this is automotive bliss.









Via Volvo