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Xhibitionist Yacht By Gray Design

xhibitionist yacht gray design

Sometimes a photo is more deceptive than you can believe. The Xhibitionist from Gray Design is one of those photos. Take a closer look at this photograph. That is not a submerged sports car, it is a full-sized yacht with features that will shock you. The yacht has the capability to host friends and family, become a floating showroom holding multiple cars, or host large parties.

The incredible yacht includes a retractable platform that is large enough for a band to setup on and host a floating dance party. The race car appearance is not be accident. The sleek sporty design was created to cut through water, be eye-catching, and to be a style that will last far into the future. Pair up the Xhibitionist with the matching sports car and you are ready to hit any port in the world.

Imagine the stares of everyone in the harbor when your sports car inspired yacht slides into port. You will have eager onlookers as you tie the boat up at the dock. Watch them stare in complete envy when you unload the matching sports car and take off to dinner in the city.

This must be one of those “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” items, since Gray Design makes no mention of a base price, but of course, since every unit is custom built, there shouldn’t be one. Check out more pictures and their incredible video before placing your order.











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