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XSR Military Interceptor Boat

xsr military interceptor boat

Speed boats used by drug lords and pirates are fast, but not fast enough to elude our favourite new toy, the XSR Military Interceptor. This low slung boat can hit top speeds of 85 knots and incredibly keep flying across the water for up to 48 hours of patrolling the waters. How far can you travel on one patrol with out refuelling? 1000 nautical miles, or approximately the distance from San Diego to Seattle.

What if one of those evil-doers turn their guns on your XSR Interceptor? Then you open fire with your .50 Caliber gun and blow their boat out of the water. Not enough fire power? Then visit with XSR about loading you up with a few extra goodies to make your task of ending evil on the water a reality. Can you get one of these boats for yourself? Probably not, since they are designed for the Navy and Coast Guard, but if you do, you can toss out the idea of that .50 Caliber being intact.

Via Headlines and Heroes and XSMG Defence