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18-Carat Gold Earphones That Cost $14,500

gold earphones

Happy Plugs is infamous for their great in-ear headphones, earbuds, iPhone cases, and Samsung cases, but this time they took their passion for great to the extreme. Working with a Swedish gold smith, they have produced 18K Gold headphones. You can listen the golden oldies with real gold. You can catch-up on your favorite Solid Gold Hits with earbuds of gold. These cool earbuds sell for $14,500. Of course, if you are in the market form some great gold “looking” headphones for $14,470 less, you can find them on Happy Plugs, too. Both the solid gold headphones and the Happy Plugs normal line of headphones provide great sound and a comfortable feel.

Just remember, if you want to be the King of Bling, there is nothing that announces your notoriety like 18K Earbuds.


Via Happy Plugs