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Aero Sphere Fan

aero sphere fan

Can you imagine a simple electric fan winning the Red Dot Design Award for the Best of the Best in Japanese Design? It sounds ridiculous until you take a look at the Aero Sphere Fan. Instead of an unsightly beast swaying back and forth, the Aero Sphere Fan is a beautiful sculpture, but with purpose. The sculptured case works as a funnel to force air circulation farther into the room than traditional fan designs. The combination of beauty and improved function is what helped this innovative fan latch on to the Best of the Best Award. The fan’s simple design and compact size make it easy to use on the floor, a counter top, or on a bookshelf. The fan has 3 circulation speeds and a power off timer that shuts the fan off in 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours.

The $134 price on Amazon makes it more expensive than standard fans, but the added style, penetrating force, and auto shut-off feature makes it worth the price.





Via Bless the Stuff and Amazon