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Air-Conditioned Shoes

air-conditioned shoes

The summer heat is about to start scorching your feet and the Air-Conditioned Shoes from Hydro-Tech are the ideal way to keep your feet cool in the summer.

The name of these shoes are a combination of reality and clever marketing. You do not get chilled air blowing across your feet, but you do get a clever system vents and filters that allow fresh air in and humidity out. That means your feet stay drier and cooler during those hot days. That equals having feet that do not stink. Is that important? Ask the ladies in your life. When you come home, grab a beer, and kick off your shoes, it is not pleasure for them. It is time to run for cover. Give them a break and air condition your feet for the summer. You can get pair of the shoes shipped from Japan for $75.

Via HydroTech Japan