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AK47 Money Clip

ak47 money clip

Keep your hands off of my money sucker! Straight from Mathmatiks Zombie Survival Collection comes the AK47 Money Clip, the perfect way to tell everyone you take your money deadly serious. The money clip uses a 22K Gold Plating and black rhodium to give the AK47 a realistic look, but in a tiny size.

The opposite side of the gun includes a strong money clip to keep all of that hard earned money in place and keep all those cold dead zombie hands off of it. Your bigger concern might the the hands of friends who want to grab your money clip and leave the money behind. The AK47 money clip is priced at $280 from MathMatiks.

You may never own a real AK47, but you can make sure everyone knows you will knock their hands off it they try to take your cash. Mathmatiks has a complete collection of tough guy gear in a variety of calibers and styles.

Via Mathmatiks