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BBQ Rockin Fork

bbq rockin fork

Schools out for summer! Hard Rock Summer in the USA! Ok, that’s enough Alice Cooper for the moment, but it is time to get in a Rock ‘N Roll mood for Summer 2013. The BBQ Rockin’ Fork is the perfect way to fire-up your rock spirit while you fire up the grill in the back yard. The Rockin’ Fork is 17.5″ of horned fist excitement ready to flip some wings, dogs, and brats.

Go ahead, put the stereo out on the deck, crank up the music, pull the ice chest out of the garage, and brush off those lawn chairs. It is time to start the season with a punch of excitement. Get all of your friends over and pull out your fun BBQ Rockin’ Fork and let the cookin’ begin. When your neighbors peek over the fence to complain about the noise just punch your fork to the sky and shout “Rock ‘N Roll Forever”. WARNING: Police may consider the BBQ Rockin’ Fork a deadly weapon, unless you offer them a hot brat. You can grab a Rockin’ Fork for $20 to get you summer rockin.

Via Gamago