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Best Audi A4 Car Cover

audi a4 car cover

Why purchase a car cover for your Audi A4?

If you have just purchased a new Audi A4 or have a later model that you are looking to protect or store, a car cover is your best bet. A car cover is an affordable option to protect your car from some of nature’s harshest elements such as rain, snow, hail, sun and dust. A car cover is also a great way to store your Audi A4 indoors for the winter or even on a daily basis. Covering your vehicle can save your vehicle’s exterior from dings, scratches, dust and other debris that might be present in your garage.

How to choose the right car cover for your Audi A4?

You have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I plan on parking my vehicle inside or outside?
  • What is my budget to spend on a car cover?
  • How important is water-resistance to me?
  • How important is fit for me?
  • Do I need a cable and lock kit to help secure my cover?

If you decided on buying a car cover you might be confused as to which car cover to choose when purchasing one for your Audi A4. Do you need a cover that is waterproof, water-resistant, that is for indoor use or outdoor use. Do you want your Audi A4 car cover to be custom fit or semi-custom fit. We can help you answer all these questions.

To keep it simple, it is important to first determine whether or not you plan on parking your indoors or outdoors. If you plan on parking your Audi A4 indoors you can probably get a thinner car cover that is not necessarily as pricey in order to simply protect your vehicle’s paint and finish from dings and scratches. If your vehicle is going to be parked outside, you are going to want to make sure your vehicle is protected with a thicker car cover that most probably has a fleece lining. It is important to note that many covers that are indicated as waterproof and water-resistant it is the same thing. No good car cover can be 100% waterproof as high quality car covers have small holes to allow moisture and humidity to escape, while keeping water from penetrating the fabric. When looking at purchasing an outdoor car cover try and make sure that it has a protective fleece lining. This fleece lining will work wonders when there is wind outside and your car is covered by preventing the fabric from the cover to rub roughly on your vehicle’s paint finish. Many outdoor car covers come with a cable and lock kit. This is an excellent way to prevent your cover from being stolen and at the same time allow for you to more securely fasten your cover to your vehicle and prevent it from blowing away in harsh weather conditions.

What is the difference between a waterproof and water-resistant car covers?

It is important to understand the actual purpose of a car cover. It is not to just simply block rain, snow, uv rays, dust and other nature’s harsh elements from damaging the surface of your vehicle. When covering your vehicle for short and even long periods of time, the difference in temperature from within your covered car and the exterior air can build up moisture quickly. This moisture, if not properly ventilated can cause damaging effects on your vehicle’s exterior finish. Therefore, whether you plan on parking your vehicle inside or outside you’re going to want to make sure that your car cover is breathable. A lot of people tend to get frustrated and think that a cover has to be 100% waterproof. If that was the case you car would not be able to breathe and can have damaging effects. Covers with micro-porous holes allow for most water to not glide off of your cover’s surface while still allowing some to go through and then eventually evaporate once rain or snow has passed.

In short, you want to make sure your car cover is breathable.

How to choose between custom-fit or semi-custom fit car cover?

Many people buying car covers online sometimes don’t understand the difference between custom-fit and semi-custom fit car covers. A semi-custom fit cover is cut to fit your vehicles length, width and height whereas a custom-fit car cover is specially made for your exact vehicle and will fit it with 100% accuracy all while providing you designated spots for your side mirrors and antenna. Semi-custom covers are an affordable alternative as they cost less to produce, they are easier to install and remove since they have more of a generic fit and then most probably will get shipped to you quicker if ordered online. Many companies who produce custom-fit car cover take around 3 weeks for production and an additional week for shipping. Semi-custom fit covers usually can get shipped to you same day and at a fraction of the price. Another benefit of a semi-custom fit car cover is its affordability. Since it is easier to produce and requires less material for fabrication, semi-custom fit car covers are usually one third of the price of a custom-fit car cover. As these covers are all made using similar fabrics they don’t last forever so why spend upwards of $400 on a custom-fit cover when you can get a great quality semi-custom fit cover for aroun $150 on sites like amazon and ebay.

Top 5 Audi A4 Car Covers Reviewed:

1. Car Cover Store Audi A4 Car Cover

carcoverstore-audi-a4-car-coverIf you are looking for a semi-custom fit car cover that fits your Audi A4 perfectly, the Car Cover Store’s Audi A4 Car Cover has proven to be one of the best in its class. Priced at $149 this car cover is not only extremely easy to install and remove but also comes with a free cable and lock and storage bag. Their car cover is made using 5-layers of fabric that are compressed together using high pressure and heat to create a thin, yet robust and protective shell for your vehicle. Their cover also features micro-porous holes to allow for any absorbed water to evaporate as well as allow your covered vehicle to breathe. They offer 3 types of car covers that would satisfy any shoppers needs: indoor, indoor + outdoor, and an outdoor cover. Each cover made with a different amount of plies to provide different levels of durability and vehicle protection from elements.

They provide a 5-year warranty and they 100% positive feedback lives up to their claims of quality and customer satisfaction.

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