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Bob-A-Que 360 Degree Grill

bob-a-que 360 degree grill

The Bob-A-Que 360 Degree Grill is a fantastic investment for summer fun. Anywhere you can make a fire ring becomes an instant BBQ. The Bob-A-Que is a simple stand you can drive into the ground for secure grilling. The grill surface rotates in an out of the fire area for easy loading, unloading, and cooking control. You can raise and lower the grill surface to the perfect height.

You can even break down the grill for easy transport to your favorite outdoor location and reassemble it in seconds. The Bob-A-Que 360 Grill sells on Amazon for $39.99, make it a great choice for a portable BBQ grill. What is the first thing you will grill on your Bob-A-Que 360?

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