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Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

breaking bad complete series

Are you already biting your nails nervously wondering how you will survive after the last episode of Breaking Bad airs? Relax, Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is already listed on Amazon for preorder, and we suggest you jump fast. The series comes bundled in a replica money barrel. Has a 16 page book written by Vince Gilligan. You get a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, but those are not the important things. You get every episode in Blu-ray quality. You get 55 hours of additional footage from every episode. You get a 2 hour documentary from the stars, producers, and writers, giving you a real look behind the scenes of our favorite series.

The Breaking Bad: The Complete Series is selling on Amazon for $209.99 on a pre-order discount with shipment dates starting on November 26th.

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