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Quench Your Thirst for Beer by Discovering All 2700 Breweries on this Infographic


Are you passionate about beer? We do not mean just a little bit, but ridiculously passionate about tasting new brews, ideas, and flavors in beer from top breweries, microbreweries, and even the house brews in brewpubs? This infographic produced by the Pop Chart Lab shows all 2700 breweries registered to brew beer in the USA on the day of creation. That number has already been eclipsed, since currently two new breweries open in the USA daily.

If you are really passionate, you can order a 60″ x 40″ poster of this mega brewery listing so you can start planning your pilgrimage around the nation to visit the 2700 brew masters that are ready to tantalize your beer palette. The poster sells for $90 through Pop Chart Lab’s website.







Via Pop Chart LabĀ