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Carbon Disc by Tyler Seamons

carbon disk

Since everything else cools seems to be going carbon fiber, why not replace your Frisbee with a Carbon Disc and join the new age of Frisbee Golf and just having a great time ripping a flying disc a little farther than before? Tyler Seamons is creating two different sizes of the Carbon Disc. The large disc is designed to fly great distances, perfect for those long “drives” your local course. The second disc a a little smaller and designed for extreme accuracy and easy catching. This is the perfect disc to toss around with the kids or for that added edge of accuracy for those “chip” shots on the Frisbee course.

The Carbon Disc is a Kickstarter project with development still underway. Tyler just upgraded the design to include a tougher plastic outer ring and has several other upgrades coming before the product launches later this year. You can reserve your first edition Carbon Disc by contributing $75 to the project.

Via KickStarter