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Cardboard T-Shirt Folder

t-shirt folder

How fast can you fold a large pile of t-shirts? Ok, were not just talking about t-shirts, it can include your polo shirts, golf shirts, and other non-button-up shirts. With the T-Shirt Folder from Suck UK you are almost guaranteed to cut the time in a third. You just toss the shirt on the folder, make a couple quick flips with your wrists, and place it on your stack or perfectly folded shirts.

Ok, so maybe that sounds too easy. What if the cardboard folding device include printed instructions right on the front that stepped your through the process the first time? Of course, as simple as this is, after you do it one time you will never read the instructions again. Now, let us ask one question. If you could cut your folding time in half for under $25, would you? That is all it costs to regain hours of time every week. Now that is brilliant thinking.

t-shirt folder

Via Amazon, and Suck UK