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Colorful Silicone Bottle Screws

colorful silicone bottle screws

These Colorful Silicone Bottle Screws from Ototo Design let you put a stopper back in that bottle of wine easily and with a unique style. These bottle stoppers look like an over-sized Philips head screw, but in reality are made out of colorful silicone rubber.

You can push one of these Screws into your bottle of wine, soda, vinegar, or any other liquid to keep it fresh and spill free. The stoppers come in two-packs. You can order the black and white pack, the red and orange, or bright green and blue stoppers. They sell for around $7 from Amazon for a two-pack. The “threads” of these large screws are very flexible and allow the stoppers to work in most common size bottles. So, don’t let your wine go to waste any more, just screw it shut and keep it fresh.

colorful silicone bottle screws

Via Ototo Products