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Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash

cool down doggie misting leash

Summer is about to attack our most cherished friends, our dogs. We get hot in the summer, but imagine how hot it is under those layers of fur. You can help your pet beat the heat when you take them for their walks or playtime in the part with the Cool Down Doggie Misting Leash. This 5 foot long braided leash is strong enough to handle most dogs. The handle is where the real fun begins. The handle is a plastic spray nozzle with a 10-ounce water ball attached.

You can use the water to give your dog a refreshing misty spray as you walk in the park, or unscrew the bottle and give him a quick drink The combination is strong and durable and should last you and your pet for years. It is time to keep Fido comfortable as you take him on those long hot summer walks. Your dog will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

cool down doggie misting leash

Via Hyper Pet