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Cordli Case

cordli case

We have featured many iPhone 5 cases, but this may be the first case that has a mission that goes beyond looking good or protecting your iPhone. Cordli is a combination protective cover and wire management system of your iPhone 5. How often have you been frustrated when the cords you attach to your iPhone string all over the place. Your headphone cable trails down to the floor. Your earbud cord dangle below your belt. Those wires get in the way when you are trying to walk, exercise, jog, or work with your iPhone in your pocket. Cordli gives you a cool way to wrap the wires through the twisting channels of its case to keep the wires safe and your iPhone protected at the same time.

This Kickstarter Project kicked off a few days ago and offers you the chance to get one of the first Cordli covers for as little at $15.

Via Kickstarter