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Desktop Chair For Your MacBook & iPad

desktop macbook chair

Your Apple MacBook works itself to death for you. It crunches numbers, does video, shows graphics, and creates content like no other machine in the world. Maybe it is time it sat down for a break in its own Desktop Chair, except this chair is designed to keep it working.

Bite My Apple is selling this awesome work stand for your MacBook which comes from a CampFire project by MokuWoodware out of Japan. The chair is designed to hold your MacBook or iPad while you plug in a full size keyboard, mouse, and monitor in the office. You might be saying “So what?”

The Desktop Chair is created out of a piece of bent basswood giving it an all natural look and feel.  It gives your Apple a place to live instead of looking like it is trapped in a plastic embrace. The flowing curves of the Desktop Chair will look great on your desk at home or in the office. They are very affordable, costing only $49.99 from Bite My Apple.




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