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Desktop Finger Bowling Kit

desktop finger bowling kit

Are you bored at work? Do you like to make your boss crazy? Do you need something to pass the time while you sit on the phone for an hour waiting for that technical support guy to “come back in just a minute”? The Desktop Finger Bowling Kit, aka Desktop Skittles Bowling Kit, is the perfect way to waste a little time while you wait.

The kit includes a set of tiny little bowling pens, only six pens, not a full ten. You have get a set of rubber bands to wind up into a ball to make sure the kit looks like it belongs on your office desk. You use the tiny included ramp to aim the ball at the pens. The items are all small enough you can wipe them into a desk drawer in a flash. Now you can take your bowling ball to work and no one is the wiser.

desktop finger bowling kit

The kit is available from Amazon UK for 3.99GBP.

Via Paladone