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Dish Whiskey

dish whiskey soap

John Wayne did it. Clint Eastwood did it? Are you man enough to do it? Cowboys and tough guys from around the world know there is nothing better than alcohol to clean out those wounds and sterilize those hands, and whiskey just happens to be the most handy form of alcohol for those so-called gentlemen. Imagine cleaning up those dishes and glasses from last night’s whiskey swilling poker party using a big bottle of Dish Whiskey, the only dish and hand cleaning soaps on the planet strong enough for “hair of the dog” duty. Suck in a big breath of that whiskey laced detergent and plaster a smile on your face, surely you won at least one hand at the game, if not, someone darn well was cheatin’ at that card game. What would a cowboy do about that?

You can get our bottle of Dish Whiskey soap from Archerman, the place that understands the scents of man.

Via Archerman